Patients want knowledge and choices

He told me I should stop smoking but he never told me how. (Patient)

They can also provide a whole smorgasboard of options for the kind of smoker I am to make me the kind of quitter I want to be. (Patient)

Training and information are available for nurses to meet these needs.

Ministry of Health online training for health professionals:

a. To help people stop smoking (brief ABC training)
b. To register and provide smokers with access to subsidised nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
c. For more information on the Ministry of Health online training, please visit: Learn online

Ministry of Health General Practice Toolkit

Better Help for Smokers to quit. Videos for general practice settings: Click here

National and local stop smoking support options:

The national Quitline (phone, text and online support for mainstream, Maori and Pacific peoples).

  • Advise patients to call 0800 778 778 or to visit to register online
  • Refer patients directly to Quitline using MedTech under the Manage My Health tab (video demonstration here)
  • Fax referrals to 04 460 9879 or email to [email protected] (referral form available here)
  • Midwives and Plunket nurses can make text referrals (more information here)

Free online stop smoking programme:

Kaupapa Māori stop smoking services – Aukati Kai Paipa

Mā te whakatau, ka mōhio.
Mā te mōhio, ka mārama.
Mā te mārama, ka ora ai tātou.

When we are shown, we come to know.
When we know we come to understand.
When we understand we all achieve wellness

Pacific services: Click here

Services for pregnant women: Click here

The New Zealand Guidelines to Helping People Stop Smoking, background document and “The ABC Pathway: Key Messages for Frontline Health Professionals” Click here

Skill development to enhance basic brief stop smoking interventions help:

  • Health literacy
  • Motivational interviewing training
  • Advanced stop smoking training
  • Leadership – be your practice’s stop smoking resource person
  • Develop staff to deliver more effective brief stop smoking help

Links for Nicotine Replacement Therapy and other stop smoking medicines:

Make sure patients understand how to use stop smoking medicines when they are prescribed.

Share short videos about using NRT: Click here

Write NRT Quit Cards for patients: Click here

Refer patients to nurse practitioners or general practitioners for other stop smoking medicines:

  • bupropion
  • notriptyline
  • varenicline